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Remember Me Lil Crazed
Posted on 22 October 2011
Title: Remember Me Lil Crazed
Artis: Lil Crazed
Album: Remember Me Lil Crazed
Years: 2011
Genre: Music
Duration: 4:52
Type of file: Audio MP3 (.mp3) dan Video MP4 (.mp4)
Audio: mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 128 kb/s
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[[Behind the Scenes]]

Directed by: AlexandherFilms

Produced by: Arayz

i know where i have been,
don't know where i'm about to go,
but before you toss my ashes in the wind,
i will guarantee that you remember me

~i'ma give you haters and suckers something to chew on,
whenever i make a new song, and put it up and get some views on,
i'm at the top, planted, fans keep their root on
so you think your diss counts? (discounts) nah, that's a coupon,
move on, haters, i tell them move on,
and now when they see me, they slow down like in a school zone
cuz they know that i'm a k.i.d,
and they get punished if they make their way by me,
ohhhhh, and now i'm better than ever, before,
clever with the letters but now i moved up some levels some more,
and now i'm louder than any doubter that doubted before,
got the crowds all around surrounding and crowding the floors,
i sell out shows, but i'll never sell out tho,
now i'm the man that the fans love to yell out for,
ohhhhh, they can't wait for the next hook,
i'm making history, soon to be in your text books

~now i'm that rapper that everybody is staring at
observing my progression and studying all of my paragraphs
astonished by the knowledge that i've provided with these pair of hands,
ironic, i've never cold shouldered anyone but i carry fans
and haters try to interfere, but i'm not finished here,
so as long as i brush em off me, i'm in the clear,
and the fans cheer me up then the fans cheer me on,
so i fill up this cup, and drink, i cheers to you all,
toast to those that helped accomplish my goals,
i'll keep it honest, you'll never see me with a Pinocchio nose,
i've been told, don't ever bite a hand that feeds you,
so damn right, i will never bite the hands of you people,
cuz either you a fan and helped me ingest
or you a hater that just motivated me to progress
ohhhh, they can't wait for the next hook,
i'm making history, soon to be in your text books

~chapter 1, you turned the page,
and chapter 2, i let you witness all my hunger for this game,
now chapter 3, i let you see a lil bit more of me,
liberate myself from everybody else you put in the same category,
and i'm making this story, a part of history,
so thanks to all of you who questioned my ability,
i made everybody that doubted me proud of me,
who knew i'd be collecting all these numbers like the lottery,
i don't plan on ever writing an auto-biography
cuz if u don't know my story by now, just turn up the volume louder please,
went from the basement, still in a basement,
but in my own place instead of where my mama raised me,
and that's thanks to you,
now my videos in demand, i get pay per view
ohhhh, they can't wait for the next hook,
i'm making history, soon to be in your text books

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